Game Fuel

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Aug 22, 2011.


What keeps us gamers alive and well? What substances do we ingest to continue our pwnage of the lowly noob? Are you thinking Cheetos and Mountain Dew? Well that is not always correct.

My personal arsenal of energy is actually very different from the stereotypical game chow, but gives me the energy without the comedown. My gamer fuel consists of planters mixed nuts and green tea. Usually I get a gallon jug of my tea and drink it straight from the bottle; additionally, my mixed nuts come in a two pound bucket. The large quantities guarantee me my snacks pretty much whenever I feel the need, and, with a large desk space and mini-fridge, my extra boost is just an arm length away (if that).

Also, this is actually fairly healthy in comparison to the classic cheeto-dew and really I would suggest it to anyone. 

All of this said, I would love to know what you gamerDNA-ers like to snack on whilst you game. Leave a comment!

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