Sequels…those dirty little liars.

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Aug 29, 2011.

Have you ever played a game and loved the living jeep out of it? The whole thing just seemed to come together and it made you respect the company that created the game to the point that you could name everyone on the staff and followed their twitter? And then in their twitter feed one day, you notice that they are creating a new game! AND IT'S A SEQUEL TO THAT GAME THAT YOU FELL IN LOVE WITH!!!  SO, you watched the development process like a hawk, absorbing every screenshot and gameplay teaser until you filled up to the brim with excitement like Spongebob cooking a Krabby Patty in Goofy Goober Land with Patrick blowing bubbles in his ear and talking about friendship. You thus wait in line for it's release, buy it first in the entire world, and take it home to plug this sucker in!!! The title screen looks cool, but then nothing else does. 


When this happens to me I honestly feel a sense of overwhelming betrayal from the developers. I just want to cry in a corner and think about how terrible it is that  the stupid game was ever created. Oh wait, I forgot the Monopoly guy just reminded me, everyone is greedy in the world. Thanks Money Bags I totally forgot that. 


Totally not cool developers, not at all. But hey, who wants to be cool when they could bathe themselves in coinage everyday (BETHESDA COUGH COUGH)? Well here is something I think every developer should think about….how much money will you make off of angry fans? And with that I say good day and good night!

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