The New Female Shepard

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011.


     Not long ago Bioware started a facebook contest to see which of the 6 lovely candidates would make it as the new default female Shepard. in the fist round the blonde adaptation of Shepard won by a considerable amount of votes, but in this reveal VIDEO hosted by Jennifer Hale (FemSheps voice actress) round two the redheaded Shepard won with a landslide victory, trumping all of the other contenders.


     This Shepard will be featured on the cover of the collectors edition box art as well as be included as the new default character model in Mass Effect 3. I'm glad to see fans share my opinion that this new Shepard is undoubtedly badass and thanks to their votes, I know who I am going to be playing as in Mass Effect 3.

-Christian "G+" Spring

Posted in the categories: Fun Stuff, New Release, News, Opinion, Spotlights


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