Developing: 3 Million DiRT 3 Keys Leaked!

Posted by Teemo, Site Engineer on Tuesday Sep 6, 2011.

We've gotten word from some keen tipsters that around 3 million DiRT 3 keys been leaked onto the net. There has been no official statement or acknowledgement from Steam or Codemasters on the issue, but you may recall that earlier this year (around June) – Codemasters was hacked, releasing the information of thousands of customers (as reported by IGN).


The hack was such a black eye that Codemasters took down their website, and now redirect to their Facebook page.


Reports are sketchy at this time, but it appears that many of the keys were already in use, and were part of a joint ATI & Codemasters promotion. It's unclear whether ATI or Codemasters was the source of the leak.



It will be interesting to see if the keys get banned, or what action the two companies will take. Many users (who know about the leak) have already started asking if their key will be banned. Steam's Terms of Service says (Re: keys): "This includes using an unauthorized ("hacked") Steam client to access Steam, attempting to register fake CD Keys or attempting to register a CD Key which has been published on the internet.


Codemasters makes such games as F1 2010/2011, Jumpgate Evolution, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, and the upcoming Hei$t game.


More Info: DiRT 3 pageSteam forums

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