Gamers come together to solve AIDS research puzzle.

Posted by R52 on Monday Sep 19, 2011.


In Aids research, the smallest achievement could do wonders. Scientists have been trying to find a cure to the virus for a long time, yet we are finding new things about it and we don’t know as much as we need. But, this time, this discovery might change this. The University of Washington recently tried an experiment to have gamers use the game Foldit, in which gamers try to solve real world problems that have impact in science research. The protein called protease that allows some viruses to multiply and grow. (Including the infamous HIV virus.). The gamers competitively tried to solve the problem, and this ponderous protein took only took 3 weeks to solve, the same protein that scientists have been trying to solve the past few years. It has made opportunities to make antiretroviral drugs and a possible anti HIV drug.  This is just an example of games and interactive software being used to solve scientific problems that has really changed the atmosphere of problem solving. We indeed, are a powerful force of creativity and cleverness when put to a trail.



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