Halo 4 is coming…

Posted by R52 on Wednesday Sep 21, 2011.


     Exciting news in the world of Halo, Halo 4 has been introduced to the public. For those of you who don't know what’s been happening with the beloved franchise, here’s the skinny: After the release of Halo Reach, Bungie ended the deal with Microsoft and their reign as the makers of the Halo games, per their license to it. Microsoft now holds all intellectual properties and rights to it. And if you think they are just gonna rest on thier laurels now, you’re in for a surprise. They have recently hired a game studio called 343 industries to continue the Xbox classic. And now the word of 4the new Halo comes: Halo 4. This installment continues the saga of Master Chief and Cortana, aboard the half of the Forward Unto Dawn that did not make it through the portal. Cortana wakes Chief up as they are in danger of sorts, but that’s all that has been released so far.


So will this be an exciting new right direction for Halo or will Bungie’s time with it always be the golden years? Until it comes out, we are stuck playing the first six. At least we won’t be bored.

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