The Glory Days Are Not Over

Posted by R52 on Tuesday Sep 27, 2011.

Epic Games

A long, long time ago, when cartridges ruled the earth, there was a fabled game genre that had the attention of the industry. It was always popular, and always big news for gamers. It was a genre where all you saw on your screen was blood, gore, and guts. You were too busy trying to keep up with the action to wonder what the plot line was, and if you did stop and think about it, you had to censor yourself because that darn space squid ate you. This legendary genre is the action game. But is this genre dead? I pondered this while battling the Locust Horde and i realized, thanks to one "epic" studio, it isn't.



Epic Studios has redefined gaming. Their ability to make a game a theatrical, immersive experience has struck a chord with the gaming community. But most of all, they have done what I thought was impossible – brought back the classic action games of blood and bullets as well as crafting Gears of War 3amazing stories that really give the characters life. These stories make the characters into more than just generic, giant, awesome-looking protagonists with big guns. Don't get me wrong, they still are giant living embodiments of awesomeness with big guns, just much, much better. And with the Gears of War franchise and Bulletstorm already out with rave reviews, I think we can expect even more amazing things from Epic Games, because they are what they're named for.

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