Not just for kids!

Posted by R52 on Thursday Sep 29, 2011.

This blog post is dedicated to all DS gamers over age 12.


On my way home the other day I was taking some heat for my gaming choices. I will come out and say it right now. I am a DS gamer.  There, I feel better saying it. I enjoy handheld classics like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and other quality DS games. But just because there are a few kid games for the DS does not make it solely a kids' game system! With this marvelous piece of Black, Blue, White or Pink hardware, I can do so many things.  If I want a good sci fi game series, Shin Megami Tensai is a blast.  If I want a good role playing game, Pokemon is there.  And before you laugh, check out the customization of move-sets and the full-featured multiplayer capabilities on the DS for the latest entries in the Pokemon series.  Sometimes, I want a more violent game. In those cases, I whip out GTA Chinatown wars – a great example of the franchise. And if I want to go old school, Zelda's Spirit Tracks is my first choice.

Picture of Black DS


So now, DS gamers, I say we rise up and put down this stereotype of DS's being kids-only systems, now and forever!  DS gamers unite!!

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