Interjection-Old Republic looks awesome, meat bags

Posted by R52 on Monday Oct 24, 2011.

Right now I must personally thank Bioware for continuing the franchise so close to my nerdy heart. Star Wars, The Old Republic is coming! I watched the videos of the new games features and classes, and i had a attack of serious awesomeness. Not only do you get to become the greatest smuggler/Bounty Hunter/ Sith or Jedi ever, you can do it with near infinite possibilities of customization. Also, Bioware has spent time working on the story and character's companions writing, and it looks very well polished.
You can have nearly any attitude with the character you want, and they will talk back. These companions, from what I have seen will probably blow away Dragon Age's companions when it comes to writing. Also, you can have your own ship, and go basically anywhere in the galaxy. The choice's are up to you! But the biggest bomb is about to be dropped on this blog! Explanation: HK-47 is back my friends!
 Yes, I speak the truth! In a recent reveal on a new trailer for the Old Republic, your character will find the temple of Revan, (depending on the class, so far) and enter. Looking for clues to Revans end and his/her history and more info, you find Revans mask. But, at the end of the video, your character turns around to see the beloved mechanical maniac, HK-47 before the trailer ends, saying only: Interjection, freeze meat bag!
I hope more info comes about this awesome revelation of colossal proportion. With The Old Republic series being so popular (with over 4,989 just on the PC version, and more on the Xbox one, including yours truly!) Stay tuned, my friends!

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