Step 1: Admit You Have A Problem

Posted by Justin Landis, Product Manager on Thursday Oct 27, 2011.

My name is Justin, and I’m a mobile gamer.


“Hi Justin,” they all chime in unison. 


“I started playing mobile games casually – a little Angry Birds to get a little gaming fix in a life busy with work, kids, etc.  That morphed into spending time on the app store actively looking for something new.  Before I knew it, I was showing up 30 minutes early to meetings to ensure that I’d have some time to play while I wait, and even locking myself in the bathroom several times a day just to level up on EA High Caliber Hunting.”


A hush falls over the room.  Every eye fixed on the ground, too ashamed of me to even look up.  A single tear wells up in my eye as I continue to speak.  “I’ve tried to get into the BFBC3 beta, I’ve tried to get into LoL.  I try to at least log into Xbox Live every day and play a little Red Dead Redemption – just something to show on my gDNA profile and try to convince everyone that I’m a ‘real’ gamer.”


My voice beings to waver.  “I’m not saying I don’t enjoy it, but it’s a façade!  I’M A FAKE!!  I can go days without noticing that I haven’t played TF2, but I fire up my iPhone games at least 4 or 5 times…and that’s a slow day!”
I pause, and regain my composure.  Breathe, Justin, breathe.


“So, my name is Justin, and I’m a mobile gamer,” I say again, sheepishly.  I pause.  Then forcefully, “My name is Justin and I am a mobile gamer!”
It feels good to say it, to hear the words spoken out loud.  AS I’m beginning to feel a twinge of life come back to me brought on by this newly found honesty, something inexplicable starts to happen.  All around the room, people are reaching into purses, pockets and backpacks.  They’re pulling out iPhones, Droids, PSP’s, a Blackberry or two.  There is even a man old enough to be my grandpa holding an old Verizon Windows phone with Bubble Breaker burned into the screen.  I am among friends.


A kindly looking gentleman stands up next to me and leans in close.  He whispers, “Your story was clearly very moving,” he gestured around the room to the others holding up mobile gaming devices, “and I’m glad we could be a part of helping you to feel supported…” He paused awkwardly, “but this meeting is an NA meeting, and I would appreciate it if you would leave now.”


I looked deep into his eyes, gave him a long tight hug, then turned around and walked out.

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