Metal Gear Solid is Rising.

Posted by R52 on Tuesday Nov 1, 2011.

If you have not been in or heard about the news at E3, Metal Gear Solid: Rising was not at E3 2011. Luckily, they gave out a possible due date of the release, around 2012. But lets talk about it.  If you saw the trailer for Rising, you would know the info on this new installment. But for those of you that don't, here is the info.


In the new MGS, Raiden is the protagonist again. If you don't know the ending of Guns of The Patriots, or never played it yet, this is your only spoiler warning. At the end of Guns of The Patriots, Solid Snake quit the business of killing (lets see how long that lasts) and leaves The Patriots to live out the remaining years of his life, which makes it hard for another entry in the series. But the stealthy Snake is not making a comeback in this one, (as far as we know) because this one is about the gap between Sons of the Patriots and Guns of the Patriots and might give us insight to Raidens different form in Guns of the Patriots, and this one might also have a possible Solid Snake appearance.


In the game Raiden has taken to the form of a cyborg-man. While the Metal Gear storyline and setting is intact, one amazing addition has been made: swordplay. In Rising Raiden has a Katana-like sword which is on a high frequency and can easily slice apart anything. This opens up new means of slaying your enemies in creative and strange ways (Bulletstorm style?). Raiden also has the ability to drain cyborgs life force to heal himself and has the ability to search bodies for ammo and other integral items. This series just keeps rising the bar on itself, and hopefully this one can make the jump. I am sad we will have to wait until 2012, but still, it was less time then I had thought  I would have to wait. But it would have kept our excitement even higher for this new entry, too bad they didn't release a video at E3 though, would have been cool too see some watermelon guts again.

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