Become a Legend!

Posted by Andrew Kauble on Friday Nov 11, 2011.

gDNA is proud to host a Skyrim Launch Event! This is a Community event where anyone who participates on any level has a stab (pun intended) at the grand prize!


The goal of the event is to reach 1,111 achievements across the community via Steam or Xbox Live. Members who earn an achievement before the goal of 1,111 achievements is reached, will be entered into a drawing towards the grand prize!


You will get one entry per achievement earned (so make sure your xbox live ID is linked to gDNA).


The member who is chosen from our drawing will get to co-design a profile theme with gDNA staff that will be active across the site for 1 week and available on gamerDNA FOREVER! The theme will include their gamerDNA Username plus 6 free months of platinum guild hosting.


So lets see what you’ve got! Fire up your PC or Console and take down some Dragons!

Head over to to enter!

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