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Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Friday Jan 27, 2012.

Hello guys,


I am Clayton Ballentine, most people call me Cap or Captain. (GamerDNA username is CPT-America-336) I am a technology and entertainment reviewer and I have been given the remarkable opportunity to team up with to bring you technology and entertainment reviews. My father was a law enforcement officer for over 20+ years and then when he retired in 2011 a Charlotte based online news agency contacted him about doing online law enforcement related articles. This got me into journalism and I decided to do what I love, gaming. So I thought about combining Journalism and Gaming, and so what did I get, video game reviewer. From that I decided to increase my trade and go into technology and entertainment reviewing. Currently I am a freelancer, but GamerDNA has been kind enough to let me review for them. If you like my reviews you can sign up for my Facebook page called Cap’s Entertainment and Technology Reviews.


Many people find this little known fact about me shocking but I have Asperger’s Autism. I am managing it well, and currently I am proud for all I have achieved. I would like to thank my friend Christian Spring for helping me get this involved in GamerDNA.



If you would like me to review a game, message me the following:


Official Game Site:
Brief Description:




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