GameNIGHT, March 3rd 2012

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Tuesday Feb 28, 2012.

Are you ready to fight the good fight?


Last month we had our most successful gameNIGHT yet! gDNAers and staff alike joined together in the fight for internet dominance. Armed with only our whits and clever insults we took online multiplayer by storm, leaving in our wake distraught noobs with half-baked excuses of dropped keyboards and illusive network lag. Join us again as we continue to teach the lesson that it's not ok to be a noob!



What is this gameNIGHT?


GameNIGHT is our monthly conquest for internet superiority and we will not stop until every one of our enemies are sprawled on the ground, begging for mercy. The objective of gameNIGHT is to unite our lifeblood, the members of gamerDNA, with the people who maintain and improve the site every day in glorious conquest. Our goal is to claim our rightful position as the dominate gaming community and while we may be strong, we are nothing without our users. To join the ranks of the gamerDNA Army start by joining our server with the directions bellow. We'll see you on the battlefield.



Directions to join the gDNA vent server



1. Install vent from


2. Click the arrow by username and enter your gamerDNA username.


3. Click the arrow by server and enter the following server settings:







4. Click connect!


5. Double click channel 1 to join it and introduce yourself! Can't wait to see you guys on!






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