Introducing Starcraft Eagles

Posted by StarcraftEagles on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012.

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gamerDNA is very proud to announce that we now sponsor Starcraft Eagles, a very successful Starcraft 2 team. The team won Hazard lan's starcraft 2 tournament in 2011 and also finished 5th in United Kingdoms i43 Starcraft 2 tournament for 2011. The team also has good finishes in online tournaments such as Go4SC2 Cup.
Below we like to introduce the teams 4 key players. 
Hello my name is Niklas "SvenskeN" Bergström, I`m a swedish master terran player that have been playing starcraft 2 since the release of the beta. I'm 16 years old and have been playing for 2 years now with Starcraft Eagles. My goal is to reach grandmaster very soon and be as good as possible.
Hi, I'm Daniel "Heusa" Artmann, a 19-year old student living in Lund, Sweden. I've always been a dedicated gamer and in the year of 2007, I was introduced to Brood War. After some years of casual play, the Starcraft 2 beta was released and I switched soon after. Ever since I've been playing a a lot working to enter the pool of top-tier players.
My name is Tomek, I'm from Warszawa, Poland, I'm a casual Starcraft 2 player who tries to beat the best in my free time, I have been playing Starcraft 2 since the release. I have had a lot of success in online tournaments this far and looking forward to many more achievements in the future.
I'm Henrik "Jellikit" Stålnacke. After playing Warcraft 3 for many years, I was introduced to the Starcraft 2 beta in the spring of 2010. I've been playing with Starcraft Eagles for just over a year and a half. Originally playing zerg, I switched to terran after taking first place at Hazard LAN Winter 2011. My goal is to keep competing at LAN events and do my best to reach my full potential as a player.
You can follow Starcraft Eagles on the teams: Twitter Youtube Homepage and Livestream

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