A Timeless Battle….or About ten Years

Posted by SMG on Thursday Sep 20, 2012.

Nvidia and ATI…no i mean AMD

The next step in the epic argument that is this page is the difference between NVidia and AMD. Most people would immediately say that AMD is a processor developer; however even more people would say, “What is an AMD?” if you are one of those people…. Go Google AMD and ATI.


An Argument?


Anyway, this argument has been going on for a very long time. The company called ATI was bought out by AMD 2 years ago and the company is making great strides in many different regions. For example, they have continued to lower their prices on a lot of their products. This of course sends mixed messages to their customers. For example their most recent addition to their lineup, their 7000 series GPU’s have had their prices jacked up. The reason is validated since they were the first company to implement PCI 3.0 and a 28nm processor; however this leaves NVidia to start thinking that by default, they now need to upcharge their products by at least 15%.

Nvidia's problems

Listen, I am an NVidia fan boy, and it is hard to bash on my own company yet it is true that they commit this heinous crime. So, since AMD started their 7970 at about $700 then that simply means that NVidia by default needs to make their 680 priced at $900. Now you may say that my facts are incorrect, however this is true about eight months ago. However if you go on new egg now, you will see that NVidia has leveled their prices down to around $500 and AMD down to $300 or so. This is an important balance simply because AMD IS almost always the underdog; except for this past set of GPU’s.




NVidia, in all of their all-knowing gaming glory, thought that AMD would not release their next set of GPU’s with the first 28nm processors for at least another 3 months. This caused NVidia to go into frenzy and try to figure out how to rush out their next line of GPU’s. Honestly, NVidia covered up the fact that they literally changed less than 40% of their lineup. For example, their 675m is the 580m; they practically took a pen and scratched out the 580 and wrote under it with 675. This is very disappointing to a lot of people who don’t know that this act has been passed as a “New GPU.” Then they have the audacity to release the actual new 28 nm processor two months later. NVidia, I love your driver support, and I also used to love your hardware. However I do hope that you will take the next step and make CES this year epic with another GPU.




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