Guild Wars 2 vs Wow!?

Posted by SMG on Tuesday Sep 25, 2012.

Guild Wars 2 vs World of Warcraft


Ok so here we are, the launch day of the new WoW expansion. I have been sitting here in the back of the office listening to how people think that Guild Wars 2 is better than Wow. Honestly, I am indifferent. Through my gameplay I care about graphics and gameplay, and yet I believe that those two haven’t met since Crysis 1.



My Favorite Game?

Think back to your favorite game, whether it is Cod, Battlefield, Command and Conquer or whatever game that you are thinking of; does it have mind-blowing graphics like Crysis, or the gameplay that made transitions smoother? I assume not. So for me, I look towards those two for guidance. No, look at WoW, it is filled with quests and dungeons to run through and entertain you for hundreds of hours. However the same goes for Guild Wars 2. So now let’s look at graphics; I’m not even going to debate this point since Guild Wars 2 has WoW beat by a land slide. So let’s go to items, equal again.



Lists are Fun

If you go down the list the only thing that has a leg up on one another is the graphics quality. Now let’s take my own personal opinion out of the equation for once; what do you care about? The reason I ask is because if you care about the game as a storyline then you have already made your choice. Once again, if you look at a game based on its facts as I did, then you should pick Guild Wars.


MMORPG’s are very specific to the gamer that they are targeting. When I came onto the GamerDNA team, I felt that everyone in the office played either WoW or GW2. However personally I would rather play a Halo 4 Beta or anything related to that.  This article was about how people differentiate WoW and GW2, and personally, I believe that the only difference is the graphical properties. So go out and frolic with the pandas or destroy worlds in GW2. Have fun!

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