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Resident Evil and so on….


How many people think that Resident Evil is an awesome game? Well, it doesn’t matter because this article is all about it. In all seriousness this franchise has caught up a section of the gamer populous; and the media around us has realized this and has all but thrown their kitchen sink onto this freight train to the piles of money at the end of the track. Resident evil was really the first group of games that threw the average gamer into a brain eating, flesh rotting, and of course George Romero directed franchise.


Where did they come from?

If you are reading this article then I assume that you have no idea who this man is, however I will enlighten you. He directed a movie called “The Night of the Living Dead.” This movie changed the way that horror was created. The movie showed the American populous how the dead coming back to life, or even the grave driven zombies could shake down any wall, blow through any rain of bullets, and even crawl with their legless bodies closer towards your fears. Anyway, back to the original point; Resident Evil. This particular franchise is launching their sixth installment on the major consoles tomorrow morning and I myself am vibrating the bolts out of my chair. However if you go back to the history of this long epic of a game they have made over 20 different installments.


The Aiming System

So this goes back to the ups and downs between the games change in dynamic gameplay and the classic no run and gun attitude that they always place on the gamer. I will always go back to the thought of Resident evil 4 and having to run away, reload, aim, shoot, rinse and repeat of the game. Now, we have Resident Evil 6 which will forever change the way that this game is played simply because they are adding a single feature which will forever change the face of going into a hoard of flesh crazed zombies. Let’s of course forget Halo, Cod and the other hundreds of games that already do this. Resident evil is changing their gaming controls for the first time in a long time which to me is a very big deal. It isn’t enough to make gamers around the world freak out, but it is enough to make them get excited over a very small part of a new game.


Resident Evil 6 Demo

I played the demo which got my hopes pretty high for the hour and a half that they allowed me to play around with it, and honestly, it was pretty awesome. Chris’ storyline was epic, Leon’s was epic, and of course Jake’s was epic as well; this all keeps going around the best part of the Resident Evil franchise…. Zombies! Let’s remember the best parts of that train I talked about before; Left 4 Dead was great, COD Zombies was outstanding, and most of the other big names were just as great. So this all goes to how amazing the idea of the zombie has been tweaked ever so slightly by the writers of Resident Evil. The first four main titles were pretty awesome, when RE5 comes along thinking that they can change it to an “infection” and that now they can ride dirt bikes and pull triggers while reloading a rifle. Come on writers; have you really run out of ideas already?


Come on Developers….. Zombies Using Guns?

All I can say about this next game is that they have left most of the barrel rolling dirt bikes out, and have explained more of the gun usage by the “zombies”. This is all I will say about the upcoming game mostly because I have touched on a bunch of issues that most of you have already known. The aiming issue, the over smart zombies, the dirt bikes and so on. So in conclusion to all of this, I have to say that Resident Evil has its story arc set towards an epic climax, yet we never know with Umbrella corporation, now do we?


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