Claptrap and Minion!!!

Posted by SMG on Thursday Oct 4, 2012.

Borderland 2 Wahoo!


It seems that a big part of the gamer populous hasn’t noticed the recent Borderland 2 release. So I am here to throw a little light on that subject. Borderlands was an outstanding game; they put a gamer in what looked like a pencil drawn world with three others with a difficulty rating that seemed to be stuck on high.


Worlds are Fun…

This game did an outstanding job at involving the gamer in a world that kept saying “no there is no story” and right when you turn around they smack you over the head with claptrap and say just kidding! To understand what I am saying, go to steam and download the demo. So we move onto Borderlands 2 where the people behind the engine design simply said, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” and moved on. So from there I opened the game and was surprised that the game looked like I was jumping into a comic book.


Comics? Isn't that Reading….

I took a couple of minutes trying to decide which character I closest resembled since I usually play with two other individuals and they are, how to say this lightly, possessive jerks. Anyway, I played the first level which gives you an array of hilarious comments from claptrap, a pistol and a few enemies to fight in the first five minutes. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for you; however be aware that I expect you to go at least play the demo after reading this whole article. Listen, I could go on about specifics of the game, but I believe that game reviews are what drive a gamer to buy a game; after spoiling 60% of the game during the review!

Demo are is be free?

Go download the demo or buy the game, because I believe that after the first hour that this game is worth investing in. the funny comments, the intricate story, the comic book engine, and the games sound all point to a great game. Claptrap it up people!


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