Just Who is the Casual Gamer?

Posted by SMG on Monday Oct 8, 2012.

Gamers are Dumb? But I'm a Gamer?!


So now we go back to the game developers and their views on how the casual gamer thinks. No I’m not going to go on about the amounts of stupidity that the almighty game developers think that gamers have, at least not for a while. Let’s look at Resident Evil 4 to Resident Evil 5. RE4 was developed so that the gamer would have to actually play the game and become emotionally engaged with the story and game mechanics of the story. When you have a giant Indiana Johnes boulders running behind you, you need to wave you’re had like you were seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time at Disneyland.

Pay Attention to what?


You had to pay attention to the storyline and dialog so you wouldn’t miss any extra ammo or jewels so that you wouldn’t die 50 times over the course of ten minutes. Then we fast forward to Resident Evil 5; this game was not bad engine wise, in fact it was brilliant! However, why did we go from pitchfork wielding zombies to guys on motorcycles doing backflips and actively using AK-47’s? When and where did this memo go out that I missed out on? I have a friend who loves Leon so much, I sometimes scoot away from him when he comes on screen due to arm flailing; and he feels exactly the same. In fact I sure that he is going to immediately call me and yell at me for saying that there were zombies in the fourth game. But anyway, the fifth game was great mechanically but, look at how often they say “Chris Chris! You need to go over to that lever and bla bla bla.” Listen, I'm not saying that all gamers are stupid, just the ones that…wow am i on thin ice or what? The ones I'm talking about are the ones in the photo below.



Reeeesident Evvvvil Fooooooooouuur……..


In RE4 you maybe had one piece of advice for every hour or two. Or how about jewel finding? That was all inn RE4 and a little in RE5. But none that I’ve played through RE6; there is not a single instance that you see a shiny object on the ceiling, bookshelf, or in cupboard. The game was extremely dumbed down for the “casual gamer.” And I only have one question, why!? Why would you destroy everything that is RE and throw all the great small things? I don’t have an answer to this specific issue, I only have complaints.



I thought game is be?


It is hard for me to play a game, look at a piece of hardware, or open a box of software and not be critical. I do these things to try to give the developers of these things a way to defend their decisions and make up for their quite frankly, stupid decisions. Look at Mass Effect 3; people hated the left or right needing, so they added like 6 more to entertain the stupid in the world and everyone forgot about it. I personally was laughing out loud when I turned around and shot the kid in the face and….. Well I’ll let you figure out the rest on your own. I’m not one to spoil the end of a game. Anyway, again, go out and play RE4, 5 and 6 and tell me that I am wrong, please. I love the Resident Evil series, and I hope that it launches on the new upcoming consoles.




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