The Bad, The Worse and Good Stuff Too

Posted by SMG on Friday Oct 12, 2012.

Alienware and Their…Just Terrible Issues


Alienware is a very interesting company. If you know who they are then I’m sure you hold some form of disdain towards their high prices or their terrible customer service. Of course I am here to poke at them and try to get a response, however I am also here to point you towards one or two of their systems and possibly one or two other companies in the meantime. Now, Alienware was really the first company to sell gaming laptops for a high price in the first place. They said, “hey, no one else is trying this, so why not us?” Quite honestly they were right on the money; their systems were five grand for a top of the line product ten years ago, and the same goes for the systems they are selling now.


Alienware and Dell


This is where I start being negative; you see Alienware was bought out about ten years ago by Dell. Dell is a powerhouse system destroyer simply for they, well let’s just say this; their computer literally catch on fire. Of course now they have (hopefully) fixed that problem. Now getting bought out isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you see this increased their budget exponentially! They could actually advertise and expand; giving more and more people the opportunity to give every gamer a chance to put a gaming pc in their hands. This all but turned sour about three years ago when Alienware started having its big wigs replaced by Dell servicemen. Thoughts of how they could take more money rather than keep customers returning were something that they swept out the door.



The All Mighty Area-51


One year ago the company had a system called the Area-51 desktop. This thing was outstanding; it had fins and lights and just screamed “I’m better than you” to the world. I should know since I owned one, but that is the point of it all isn’t it? However nine months ago Dell passed on the note to stop producing the system and strip it from there site. So we find ourselves at a very interesting impasse for Alienware; to desktop or not to desktop? Well guess what? They chose to shoot themselves in the foot. Yep, they stripped the beast and replaced it with a console sized piece of…. I’m sorry; I get emotional about Alienware sometimes.



Now here Comes the X51

The X51 was their way of trying to bring PC gaming to the world; even after the world was throwing their money at Alienware saying that we could bear their bad customer service for a kick butt system. Listen, I could go on and on about how terrible Alienware is; in fact I will when we start our podcast! Anyway again, I believe they can save themselves with their laptops alone, because their laptops are still pretty awesome. Chassis alone are enough for me to hand them my wallet and give them my Credit card number in order to get my hands on any one of their systems. Let’s take a look really quick on the positive side of Alienware.



The Bad, The More Bad and The Good?

The M11x was not that bad of an idea; you see I own one now and every once in a while ill pull it out, dust it off, update windows, and put it back into the dusty corner. Why you may ask, well because I have a Razor blade with double the performance; that is why. And honestly that is probably why they discontinued it. The M14x isn’t that bad of an idea either, the gpu is a bit lacking for a computer that is supposed to compete with the 15 inches in the world but that is fine. And what’s with the one fan port? Ugh, anyway again, I then turn my gaze towards their M17x. This piece of machinery is simply beautiful in design. The chassis with the dual fan ports and the Gpu that goes all the way up to GTX 680 and AMD 7970? Perfect to say the least. And last but certainly not least is the M18x, which quite honestly is what I have dreams about every night.



Every one?!


I owned every one of Alienware laptops and this one was the monster of a laptop that everyone wants. SLI/Crossfire GPU’s and overclocked i7’s? Are you kidding me that is so awesome! And then you look at the price tag; immediately you close the tab and go back to doing the work you should have been doing in the first place. This is exactly how PC gaming has been for the past ten years simply because of Alienware jacking up the prices. Now that isn’t that big of a fiasco since they are a business. I guess I’m just saying it sucks that that business is DELL. Listen Dell, I only have one major issue with you now that you have cleaned up most of your act, and that one issue is your customer service.


Customer Service


Every time I have an issue, you pull the warranty card, the Issue number, lie to your customer, the anything card, and hang up on me after being on hold for an hour and a half. Once you take a look at you’re CS, then I will sing your praises. This whole article has been about how Alienware can bring customers back. So in short, bring back the Area-51 and get off your high horse before you fall off and land in the pile of mud that you are sinking into. Good luck and I can’t wait to throw more of my money at you and your absolutely gorgeous laptops.



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