Good Things do Happen….Sometimes

Posted by SMG on Thursday Oct 18, 2012.

The Things That Gamers Have to Look Forward to


Focusing on the positive things that Developers do is always a hard job to do. I can think of ten games off the top of my head that I can pull a terrible piece off of and complain about it for an hour or two individually. That is why after going over my past couple of articles I now realize that a negative mind is never a happy one. So I’m going to switch the tempo around and actually congratulate a couple of games and hardware providers for a change. So let’s start off at the game developers; more specifically Infinity Ward.



Game Engines and so on…

These guys have been punching away at the gamer's wallets with the same game engine for quite some time. Most of us, including me agree that this is a bad move; but let’s look at this from another perspective. Don’t fix what aint broke. This saying has been around for a very long time; however it still applies to a game engine. One of the developers for Black Ops II was interviewed and he threw this saying at the reader and honestly I was appalled. I consistently ran back and forth throwing my arms into the air but then after going to GameStop’s website, I quickly saw that Black Ops II has now become the most pre-ordered game in history. Now that is saying something. Now gamers, you may think that this is bogus, or maybe you agree, yet don’t forget that gaming is in fact a business.



The Casual Gamer

I talked about how the casual gamer is taking over, and yes that is true, however game developers see this and change our beloved games in order to make a better sales quarter. Don’t forget though, they are still trying to keep us hardcore gamers by letting us unlock the super hardcore modes. So don’t give up hope for any of the game developers that are letting us down; they can still pick up their game with a little more programming. So we are now moving forward to the hardware developers.



Alienware….is There a Recurring Theme?

Last week I ranted on about how Alienware has been taken over by Dell, and that is of course true. However it all remains to be seen in the coming years if they pick up the ball that has rolled into the dark corner of the garage where that nasty looking spider is hiding, and every time you walk over there to check it out it winks at you and you run away. Yes that was elaborate for a reason. Anyway, Alienware has outstanding hardware, if you have the money. Their hardware is now supporting gamers to swap out the GPU or CPU on your own; that is simply unheard of! So I must say Alienware, bravo to you I this realm.



Gaming Consoles

So on my last topic for the day; I will touch on the gaming consoles that I hate so very much. Yes I have also ranted on about how Microsoft and Sony have been slacking; yet it is true that once again, gaming is a business. Microsoft has been playing the "play with your family card", Nintendo has launched their new console and Sony has been saying "look at us with our slimmer console!" So this whole time each company has been saying look at us for a long time now. However gamers are now wiser and are getting tired of the same games with different skins slapped on. So now Sony has led Game Informants to believe that they are going to announce the PS4 at E3, and Microsoft seems to be following suite with all the “leaks” that have been thrown around. So in an epic conclusion, I have to say that the game developer, the hardware manufacturers, and the console developers have been slacking, yet it may come out to our advantage. More power, more games, and better equipment to boot. This is going to be a crazy CES and E3 people. So my ast piece will go to saying thank you everybody who has been supporting gamers; and as for the coming projects, good luck and God's speed.




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