Bioshock: Infinite and its Epicness

Posted by SMG on Monday Oct 22, 2012.

The New Trailer

Bioshock: Infinite is brilliant. If you haven’t gone over and seen the new trailer, head over to IGN’s site at and check it out. This minute long trailer puts our game industry into perfect perspective for the rest of the world. From the first moment of an opening monologue to the last part of the woman throwing you a shotgun, this piece of film should change how people see our industry that we work in.




Let’s start out with analyzing the opening to this video; we find the main character on a boat. He pulls out this box, opens it and inside is a pistol along with a group of other trinkets. This plays a vital role to the teasing of the Bioshock enthusiasts and what this game holds for the people who flipped over tables through the second installment of the series. So for example I had a college roommate who desperately hated Bioshock 2. This man simply said that he had an emotional connection to the development of this game; he followed the writers, producers, and even the directors of the game. So when I inquired to him about this game….. he had nothing. However that is a perfect point. The second game didn’t do it for him; and in response to all the negative comments released by all the followers of Bioshock, the producers came out and said that they believe that Bioshock 2 should have been 1.5.



Back to the Matter at Hand…

Now, back to the subject at hand, Bioshock’s ad showed us it was raining, giving us the illusion that at the time it was sad and gloomy for the main character. Immediately after that scene we see a brightly lit town in the sky; giving a rising hope feeling to the viewer. Now the following scenes engage our imagination and show us a group of shots that bring out the child like qualities in us all; a beach, a performance area, a night town, a horse drawn carriage, a scientific area and so on. Immediately we get thrown into a twisting flux of wind and free fall with the woman in the game, giving us a mixed feeling of scared emotion. Next scene comes along and we are shown the pistol from the first shot of the trailer where we assume that we changed our perspective about killing the woman and have changed sides. The next scenes are a collection of images that are not worth speculating on since we as the gamer have no context.




So this trailer simply blew my mind to say the least. From the shotgun getting thrown to you, to the flesh of your hands being melted off, this trailer shows people that video games have an immense cinematic value to the one investing in the world; I am of course talking about money and time. In conclusion to this tangent filled article, go watch the trailer, and let us know what you think on our Facebook page! Thanks Gamers



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