In Preperation For Halo 4

Posted by SMG on Tuesday Nov 6, 2012.

The Beginning


Halo is one of the best games on the market today. This is not just my opinion but is the opinion of many other publishers. I had the amazing opportunity to go to E3 and see its release; I was there two years before to see the Halo Reach announcement as well. The game has changed the lines of how a story is told in an epic standalone series.



Halo: Combat Evolved and 2

We can go back to Halo 1 and its intricate layering of story within a solely single player game. Then we go to Halo 2, the game that made the Xbox a go to console for multiplayer. This game made gamers cheer, laugh, cry, and throw their controllers at the TV after the last mission time and time again. The multiplayer literally made the Xbox even more of a competitor on the front lines of the gaming market. I remember blood gulch being changed in many different ways, especially in the form where the warthog was changed to a destructible object. Just, go watch the upgrade red vs. blue video, it is hilarious.



Halo 3 was….

Anyway Halo 3 came along and strut its stuff across the runway and ended up falling face first on the sparkling floor. They did an amazing job at reskining the game, but missed out on the mystery element that Reach had attained. To me, I feel that they simply spit-shined the engine and threw it towards halo fans for the quick buck and ran. To me this was a saddening sight from Bungie. The addition of small bubble shields and a mongoose just didn’t do it for me.


Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Now moving onto Halo: ODST; this game hit that mysterious mystery element right on the nose. Most people may think that taking your shields and armor away was a dumb idea, and to them I say, well I can’t actually say for obvious reasons. Anyway again, ODST drew you into a story that was breathtaking in so many ways. If we go back over my previous articles you will see me rant on about how important sound is in gaming. Walking down the side alley of the great city of New Mombasa crouched trying not to get your rear end handed to you by a brute that can throw you half way across the world is terrifyingly perfect. This game was put out there for the gamers like me.



The Wars of Halo

Next is Halo Wars; this game as a very big jump outside of Halo’s comfort zone. A first person shooter converted to a fly over strategy game?  Very big strides in very different directions Halo. This game had brilliant cut scenes that made gamers who didn’t even like that genre play through the game. Now we run into Halo Reach; the game that changed Halo Multiplayer for the better. The mystery element that I mentioned before was added by the simply addition of assassination kills. That small not so insignificant addition made gamers say that there was more to gaming than just sniper camping all game.



That Mystery Element

This mystery element that I keep talking about is change. Change is something that no one likes in their world. A major gameplay change, not just a small tweak, is what makes being a gamer is all about. These past paragraphs have been telling you things about Halo that you may or not have already known, however I hope that you will go back and look at these games in a different light. Now, I believe that it is time that I go hug my copy of Halo 4 and hit the start button. Good luck gamers, and have fun!




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