In Defense of Pandora…er Pandarea

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I’m gonna warn you: that this blog post will contain terribly crafted (yet clever) puns. If you hate these, please read on.


At Blizzcon, Blizzard announced their latest WoW expansion: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Nearly everyone in the WoW community was surprised by the decision to pursue this direction with the Lore, causing pandemonium in trade chat realms everywhere!


The Pandaren Empire started as an April Fool’s day joke in Warcraft III in 2002 with Blizzard creating an entire lore storyline complete with artwork and lore surrounding the Empire, “Blizzard is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Warcraft universe: the mighty Pandaren Empire. The pandaren, driven from their tranquil lands by the marauding centaurs, fight ceaselessly to find a new homeland amongst the warring civilizations of southern Kalimdor.”

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Breaking: Arrested Development Coming back!

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In what is sure to send gamers everywhere into an excitement induced coma, "Arrested Development" creator Mitch Hurwitz announced today that the show will be coming back to television! AD was cancelled 5 years ago by Fox (who has a long history of poor decisions in cancelling shows).


Many of the actors have gone onto other projects, but the loyal fan base has kept pushing and asking. Hurwitz has said that the show will do a season which will show us what the characters have been up to since the show last aired which will lead up to the upcoming movie.


Source: [New York Times] [USA Today]

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The Role of PLAYXPERT and gamerDNA

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I’m sure there are questions, we have answers:, while sharing the same name as gamerDNA Media, is under the management and operation of PLAYXPERT .


The press release about this was distributed here . While gamerDNA Media manages and operates all of the advertising on, the engineering, community, and development of the service is entirely managed and operated by PLAYXPERT and will continue to be despite the recent news about Live Gamer acquiring gamerDNA Media. Read More…

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