Guest Post: Age of Conan Unchained

Posted by TamaraLane (Guest Post) on Monday Sep 19, 2011.
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I’ve been playing Age of Conan, (AoC) for a few weeks now. Many of you may have seen my posts about it. Now that I've spent a little time playing it I think I can write a fair review of the game.


I'm playing the free trial which allows you to level up to 20. I am currently at 14. I chose to play a Stygian Demonoligist. This choice was driven mostly by my desire to play a caster class, and not a healer.  In the free to play version, Stygian Demonologist is really your only choice given those conditions. I also could have played a Priest of Mitra. But my choice of culture would be limited to Aqualonian.  The other available culture is Cimmerian. Kitan is not available for free to play, (f2p). There are also a number of melee classes available. You get 2 character slots, so I may make one at some point, but I don't enjoy melee characters nearly as much as casters. Melee characters available are Barbarian and Guardian. Read More…

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