Metal Gear Solid is Rising.

Posted by R52 on Tuesday Nov 1, 2011.
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If you have not been in or heard about the news at E3, Metal Gear Solid: Rising was not at E3 2011. Luckily, they gave out a possible due date of the release, around 2012. But lets talk about it.  If you saw the trailer for Rising, you would know the info on this new installment. But for those of you that don't, here is the info.


In the new MGS, Raiden is the protagonist again. If you don't know the ending of Guns of The Patriots, or never played it yet, this is your only spoiler warning. At the end of Guns of The Patriots, Solid Snake quit the business of killing (lets see how long that lasts) and leaves The Patriots to live out the remaining years of his life, which makes it hard for another entry in the series. But the stealthy Snake is not making a comeback in this one, (as far as we know) because this one is about the gap between Sons of the Patriots and Guns of the Patriots and might give us insight to Raidens different form in Guns of the Patriots, and this one might also have a possible Solid Snake appearance.


In the game Raiden has taken to the form of a cyborg-man. While the Metal Gear storyline and setting is intact, one amazing addition has been made: swordplay. In Rising Raiden has a Katana-like sword which is on a high frequency and can easily slice apart anything. This opens up new means of slaying your enemies in creative and strange ways (Bulletstorm style?). Raiden also has the ability to drain cyborgs life force to heal himself and has the ability to search bodies for ammo and other integral items. This series just keeps rising the bar on itself, and hopefully this one can make the jump. I am sad we will have to wait until 2012, but still, it was less time then I had thought  I would have to wait. But it would have kept our excitement even higher for this new entry, too bad they didn't release a video at E3 though, would have been cool too see some watermelon guts again.

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Interjection-Old Republic looks awesome, meat...

Posted by R52 on Monday Oct 24, 2011.
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Right now I must personally thank Bioware for continuing the franchise so close to my nerdy heart. Star Wars, The Old Republic is coming! I watched the videos of the new games features and classes, and i had a attack of serious awesomeness. Not only do you get to become the greatest smuggler/Bounty Hunter/ Sith or Jedi ever, you can do it with near infinite possibilities of customization. Also, Bioware has spent time working on the story and character's companions writing, and it looks very well polished.
You can have nearly any attitude with the character you want, and they will talk back. These companions, from what I have seen will probably blow away Dragon Age's companions when it comes to writing. Also, you can have your own ship, and go basically anywhere in the galaxy. The choice's are up to you! But the biggest bomb is about to be dropped on this blog! Explanation: HK-47 is back my friends!
 Yes, I speak the truth! In a recent reveal on a new trailer for the Old Republic, your character will find the temple of Revan, (depending on the class, so far) and enter. Looking for clues to Revans end and his/her history and more info, you find Revans mask. But, at the end of the video, your character turns around to see the beloved mechanical maniac, HK-47 before the trailer ends, saying only: Interjection, freeze meat bag!
I hope more info comes about this awesome revelation of colossal proportion. With The Old Republic series being so popular (with over 4,989 just on the PC version, and more on the Xbox one, including yours truly!) Stay tuned, my friends!

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Not just for kids!

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This blog post is dedicated to all DS gamers over age 12.


On my way home the other day I was taking some heat for my gaming choices. I will come out and say it right now. I am a DS gamer.  There, I feel better saying it. I enjoy handheld classics like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and other quality DS games. But just because there are a few kid games for the DS does not make it solely a kids' game system! With this marvelous piece of Black, Blue, White or Pink hardware, I can do so many things.  If I want a good sci fi game series, Shin Megami Tensai is a blast.  If I want a good role playing game, Pokemon is there.  And before you laugh, check out the customization of move-sets and the full-featured multiplayer capabilities on the DS for the latest entries in the Pokemon series.  Sometimes, I want a more violent game. In those cases, I whip out GTA Chinatown wars – a great example of the franchise. And if I want to go old school, Zelda's Spirit Tracks is my first choice.

Picture of Black DS


So now, DS gamers, I say we rise up and put down this stereotype of DS's being kids-only systems, now and forever!  DS gamers unite!!

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The Glory Days Are Not Over

Posted by R52 on Tuesday Sep 27, 2011.
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Epic Games

A long, long time ago, when cartridges ruled the earth, there was a fabled game genre that had the attention of the industry. It was always popular, and always big news for gamers. It was a genre where all you saw on your screen was blood, gore, and guts. You were too busy trying to keep up with the action to wonder what the plot line was, and if you did stop and think about it, you had to censor yourself because that darn space squid ate you. This legendary genre is the action game. But is this genre dead? I pondered this while battling the Locust Horde and i realized, thanks to one "epic" studio, it isn't.



Epic Studios has redefined gaming. Their ability to make a game a theatrical, immersive experience has struck a chord with the gaming community. But most of all, they have done what I thought was impossible – brought back the classic action games of blood and bullets as well as crafting Gears of War 3amazing stories that really give the characters life. These stories make the characters into more than just generic, giant, awesome-looking protagonists with big guns. Don't get me wrong, they still are giant living embodiments of awesomeness with big guns, just much, much better. And with the Gears of War franchise and Bulletstorm already out with rave reviews, I think we can expect even more amazing things from Epic Games, because they are what they're named for.

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Halo 4 is coming…

Posted by R52 on Wednesday Sep 21, 2011.
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     Exciting news in the world of Halo, Halo 4 has been introduced to the public. For those of you who don't know what’s been happening with the beloved franchise, here’s the skinny: After the release of Halo Reach, Bungie ended the deal with Microsoft and their reign as the makers of the Halo games, per their license to it. Microsoft now holds all intellectual properties and rights to it. And if you think they are just gonna rest on thier laurels now, you’re in for a surprise. They have recently hired a game studio called 343 industries to continue the Xbox classic. And now the word of 4the new Halo comes: Halo 4. This installment continues the saga of Master Chief and Cortana, aboard the half of the Forward Unto Dawn that did not make it through the portal. Cortana wakes Chief up as they are in danger of sorts, but that’s all that has been released so far.


So will this be an exciting new right direction for Halo or will Bungie’s time with it always be the golden years? Until it comes out, we are stuck playing the first six. At least we won’t be bored.

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Gamers come together to solve AIDS research...

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In Aids research, the smallest achievement could do wonders. Scientists have been trying to find a cure to the virus for a long time, yet we are finding new things about it and we don’t know as much as we need. But, this time, this discovery might change this. The University of Washington recently tried an experiment to have gamers use the game Foldit, in which gamers try to solve real world problems that have impact in science research. The protein called protease that allows some viruses to multiply and grow. (Including the infamous HIV virus.). The gamers competitively tried to solve the problem, and this ponderous protein took only took 3 weeks to solve, the same protein that scientists have been trying to solve the past few years. It has made opportunities to make antiretroviral drugs and a possible anti HIV drug.  This is just an example of games and interactive software being used to solve scientific problems that has really changed the atmosphere of problem solving. We indeed, are a powerful force of creativity and cleverness when put to a trail.



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