War Inc. The Contest.

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Jul 25, 2011.
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Ya'll should check out our friend Xfire within the next 3 days and enter their War Inc. contest. 

War Inc. is a fairly fun to play third person shooter that is completely PVP or PVC. You can level up and have a few classes to play as, my favorite being the sniper. The way that you acquire new weapons is through a rent type of system. Basically you rent the item for however much you want to pay, or pay a hefty fine to keep it. That's a little annoying, but the game itself is actually pretty worth it especially considering the fact that it is free.


If you do play in this contest you can win a $700 dollar graphic card and 2500 game dollars, second place gets a $350 game card and 2000 game dollars. That's some pretty cool stuff so it's definitely worth a shot.


Thanks Xfire for the chance to win such kick A prizes. 


Guild Wars 2: You Don’t Need A Monthly...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Friday Jul 15, 2011.
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     The production of Guild Wars 2 is underway and with each update on its progress it looks spectacular and exciting to everyone, RPG fans and MMO fans alike. Guild Wars is known for changing the way MMO's were played and now Guild wars 2 promises to destroy the foundation of the old game and completely change it with all sorts of beautiful and wonderful elements.


     The story of Guild Wars 2 takes place 250 years after the first one, ancient dragons are terrorizing all races and wreaking havoc on the world. The story creates this core theme of all these nations and races working together to prevent a massive catastrophe and in this bring races that were once enemies together.  Read More…


Age of Conan Goes Free to Play

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Friday Jul 1, 2011.
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Funcom’s Age of Conan MMO went free to play today. There is a premium subscription that players who subscribe will have access to extra content that free to play users don’t.


Players will be able to explore, quest, and fight with no purchase and there is no subscription required to maintain access. If players want to avoid the monthly subscription they can buy the zones from an online store. On gamerDNA, Age of Conan has 8,267 players and is #28. [IGN PC via Funcom]