The Passion Behind Gaming

Posted by SMG on Wednesday Sep 5, 2012.
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What Creates The Passion?

  What make me passionate about gaming; that is a very interesting statement. Well, I suppose that all this can go back to the day when I was eleven and I got my first console. But this wasn’t like any other console that I had played with; this was mine. I have two older brothers, and it is very easy for them to take precious items from you when you are more or less half their size. Anyway, this console was the Xbox that came with Halo: Combat Evolved. Immediately I was taken back by the stunning graphics, the breathtaking performance of the software running with the hardware, and of course the articulate weaving of the games storyline.


The Hardware

    Those three things were what started me on my current pursuits. I was immediately intrigued by what compilation of metal could make this whole world spring forth from a DVD and bring the human mind into understanding that you were on a ring shaped planet orbiting the outskirts of humanity’s upbringing. Still to this day I find it amazing that we all can accept that worlds are being created by pieces of metal with an electrical charge running through them. Secondly, the graphics of the game; which at that point in time were like looking into a mirror and seeing myself in the reflection. And now, people are not impressed by a game that comes out such as World of Warcraft or even Guild Wars 2. That alone blows me away.


The Storyline


  And lastly, the most important of all was the expansion from the intricate weaving of the storyline within this expanse of aliens attacking humans. Do you think that the average player, who immediately jumps for the multiplayer cares about the storyline? No, of course not. However, I believe that the writers of this story are the people who started me on my life’s journey up to now. I think almost every day about how I could write some fan fiction about every TV show, movie or game that I had played over the past week just because I am constantly thinking about how to further my creative mind. So as you can see, I have three reasons why I am passionate about gaming. I love the graphics, I love the software and hardware cohesiveness, and I love the story that drives it all. However, if I had to choose one? Then I would, without a doubt, choose the story. Think about your favorite game. Now think about your favorite character. Why do you like that character? Is there a connection through thoughts on your enemy? Do you share opinions? Or did you choose that character just because you disagree with their ideas? Perhaps that character is the opposite of yourself and in an effort to let out your alternate self, that piece of rebellion comes out of yourself. These are all very small pieces to a much bigger picture.      



Lets See The Examples

  When you are writing the story, you are practically writing how the player plays the game. For example think about Mass Effect 2. I played this game over again the day before the third game came out. There was a moment where a woman was holding a detonator, and I was given a Renegade option to either allow her to push the button, or for me to shoot her. I pulled the trigger. Not out of a long standing amount of time that was given to me, I just did it out of instinct. This is what I am trying to convey to you, I believe that if you write that moment into a game, the developer then has to find ways to work your jolt of quick decision making into the game.


There are so many moving pieces in creating a video game that a lot of people don’t realize, and personally it makes me almost shed a tear for the people who wrote out these intricate campaigns and storylines for those few gamers who play the single player for just that personal journey. So to those who are looking forward to Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and Assassins Creed III, please play the single player and understand that there is so much more to be played and enjoyed. So in conclusion on this epic speech, I am passionate about gaming through the intricate story’s that are told in each game,. Whether it is the worst story told through the eyes of a street cat, or a story that is told through the intricate eyes of Master Chief, I believe that the tale of the main character is what drives my passion for gaming.




Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Thursday Sep 15, 2011.
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     Our partner site 360Voice is hosting a $10,000 Achievement Challenge for Gears of War 3.  Join an existing Brotherhood or create your own and compete to win by unlocking achievements and recruiting fellow players. Silver and Gold Xbox Live accounts welcome.  Plenty of contest game mechanics and politics are in store for everyone—casual and hardcore players alike.  Check it out, COG!

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Sony Personal HD Viewer

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Thursday Sep 1, 2011.
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Image from (


A few months ago at CES 2011 Sony demoed a Personal HD/3DTV, all bundled up into the form factor of a head mounted system. During its first demo the device was just prototyped without plans of sale however, Sony has announced that the device will now be released at a later time in 2011 with the title of the Sony Personal 3D Viewer or HMZ-T1.

Read More…

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The New Female Shepard

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011.
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     Not long ago Bioware started a facebook contest to see which of the 6 lovely candidates would make it as the new default female Shepard. in the fist round the blonde adaptation of Shepard won by a considerable amount of votes, but in this reveal VIDEO hosted by Jennifer Hale (FemSheps voice actress) round two the redheaded Shepard won with a landslide victory, trumping all of the other contenders.


     This Shepard will be featured on the cover of the collectors edition box art as well as be included as the new default character model in Mass Effect 3. I'm glad to see fans share my opinion that this new Shepard is undoubtedly badass and thanks to their votes, I know who I am going to be playing as in Mass Effect 3.

-Christian "G+" Spring

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Mortal Kombat v. Street Fighter…Which...

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Thursday Aug 4, 2011.
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Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are the epitome of the side view fighter, and have both been cherished games throughout the years by many devoted fans. I recently purchased Mortal Kombat 9 and enjoyed it quite a sum (with the exception of Shao Kahn). There is a pretty cool story mode and of course multiplayer fights are fantastic…I thought it was as good as I could get. 


Then I checked out it's metacritic score which was 84/100 and read some reviews that it received and realized that the game was only "okay" to critics on most levels. WHAT JUST OKAY?? I thought the game was fantastic. If this game isn't the best fighter what in the wide world of sports is?? Read More…

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From Dust….A Game That Seems Well Worth...

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Tuesday Aug 2, 2011.
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From Dust is a game that has caught my attention and intrigued me since the get go with it's graphics alone. Overtime I began to watch for demos and trailers hoping to get a glimpse of what I was so excited about. The truth is I was both surprised and delighted at the direction and the content the designers had decided to put out there. 


In the game you are "god". We all know this has already been done quite successfully in the past and I'm sure you are wondering "what makes this game any different?" I'll tell you what is different…first off, the game has enough of a purpose that you can't just free mode it all the time. There is a strategy element to the game that forces you to act quick and efficiently to save the tribe of people that are at your disposal, and to make sure that you don't just dispose of them, the people in the game can impact the environment, make choices, and are directly effected by your decisions. Basically you can grow to like them and it will make you feel a whole lot worse when you watch them all drown in a tsunami. Additionally, the game plays like an RPG on some levels. Your decisions in the game effect the way you play the game and how people like you. This allows you to be a benevolent savior or a malicious deity to the poor village personnel…will you control them with compassion or fear? The choice is yours. In fact every single thing in the game with the exception of natural disasters is controlled by you. 


Overall the game looks beautiful and it seems to be a game that is worth pre-ordering. I already have. Oh yeah and if you pre-order through Steam, you get a free hat that looks really freaking cool. Just saying. 

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Daily Game: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Thursday Jul 28, 2011.
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If you haven't played this game, then shame on you. There we go, end of story. 


The gameplay was actually really fun and great for an NES title, it was a definite babysitter for my brother and I when we were growing up. The game is all PVE and all you get to fight are bosses. Every single boss character in the game takes a certain strategy and their own fun personality, and it is fun to play as the green gloved underdog as you try to beat Mike Tyson. To make the game even more cool, the referee is clearly Mario and your trainer is clearly overweight. 


This is one of those games that are required to have been played for your existence to be accounted for. Only spies and cutthroats have failed to play it. 

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MXP/PXP life…Howzit?

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011.
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Random guy, “hey Colton, how do you like working at playxpert? I bet working on computers all day is boring as all heck!” Me, “well now random guy, it’s time I taught you a lesson in awesomeness.” Working at playxpert/metaxpert is literally the best job I have ever had, and I wish that I could have worked here sooner. To get an idea at the sheer supreme fun that is here, let me tell you about my average day.


First, I drive into town to go to my job and get to park at the beach that is maybe a block away, I then walk across a bridge that spans across a river that is parallel with our lake. Basically I have a beautiful walk on my way in. If I look behind me there is construction work going on for the new bypass, however it is not ugly and actually looks like a structure being built in Minecraft (seriously, there are lots of blocks made of dirt with grass on top). At this point I am about to walk into a very pretty looking building. Read More…

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