Step 1: Admit You Have A Problem

Posted by Justin Landis, Product Manager on Thursday Oct 27, 2011.
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My name is Justin, and I’m a mobile gamer.


“Hi Justin,” they all chime in unison. 


“I started playing mobile games casually – a little Angry Birds to get a little gaming fix in a life busy with work, kids, etc.  That morphed into spending time on the app store actively looking for something new.  Before I knew it, I was showing up 30 minutes early to meetings to ensure that I’d have some time to play while I wait, and even locking myself in the bathroom several times a day just to level up on EA High Caliber Hunting.”


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Sony Personal HD Viewer

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Thursday Sep 1, 2011.
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A few months ago at CES 2011 Sony demoed a Personal HD/3DTV, all bundled up into the form factor of a head mounted system. During its first demo the device was just prototyped without plans of sale however, Sony has announced that the device will now be released at a later time in 2011 with the title of the Sony Personal 3D Viewer or HMZ-T1.

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A Large Portion of 3G Owners Think They Are...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Wednesday Jul 13, 2011.
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A recent study from retrevo shows how a whole third of iPhone users think that they have 4G when in fact Apple doesn't even offer a 4G phone yet. Its not just iPhone owners, Android and BlackBerry users are also suffering the same confusion. The study shows that 24% of tested BlackBerry phone owners believed that they had 4G where just like Apple and 4G phone isn't even supported yet. With all tested Android users 29% of them believed they had 4G when they did not. At least with Android someone guessing could answer right because Android does have available 4G phones.


Its a little startling to see the amount of confusion surrounding the 4G network, the study shows how it could impact the sales of these 4G phones and also shows how the public perceives them. Almost a third of users think that the 4G data plan is too expensive. 40% of iPhone users say that they will buy the next phone even if it does not support 4G this is saying much more than Androids 8% and BlackBerry's 23%.



Retrevo Blog

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Why is the iPhone becoming a platform? Will...

Posted by Colton "CAPTAIN PLANET!" Travers on Monday Jul 11, 2011.
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I think a better question would be what the H E double hockey stick are we expecting? There are whispers in the air speaking of the iPhone's gradual rise to a competitive gaming platform, and all I want to know is why??? There has always been gaming available for phones and the like, I can remember ponging it up with my parent's brick like cave-phone back in the 90's when it was new, and I could remember thinking to myself "this game is stupid on a phone, you can't win it." I then proceeded to put the phone down and pick up a real game deciding at that point that all phones were doomed to be an emergency game system if you were on the verge of dying of absolute boredom. That's why this has my interest so peaked, how come the phone is emerging as a competitor? Read More…

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Manufacturers Preparing for New Apple...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Friday Jul 1, 2011.
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Not long ago there had been rumors about Apples next iPhone, having a complete redesign and also including a Prepaid model. As time has rolled on it seems that within a few months these new iPhones and even a new iPad are to be released.


A DigitalTimes report says that “Taiwan-based companies included in the supply chain for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have begun to prepare materials for the production of the two devices,” and that they “likely to make their debuts in September and to hit the market in October, according to industry sources.” A number of manufacturers have become prepping for the new Apple iPhones and the recently added iPad 3.


The new features will include a thinner/lighter frame and a 250ppi resolution screen. [IGN Gear]

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