This Week in Gaming: 9/25-10/1

Posted by Teemo, Site Engineer on Saturday Oct 1, 2011.
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Game Platform Release
Review AVG/Metascore
FIFA Soccer 12 Wii 9/26 CVG ★★★☆☆ (67)
FIFA Soccer 12 360, PS3, PC 9/27 1UP ★★★☆☆ (67)
X-Men: Destiny 360, PS3, Wii 9/27 Destructoid ★★★☆☆ (52)
Child of Eden PS3 9/27 GameSpot ★★★★☆ (79)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 360, PS3 9/27 Game Informer ★★★★☆ (79)
Driver: San Francisco PC 9/27 IGN ★★★★☆ (82)
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD PSN, XBLA 9/27 OXM ★★★☆☆ (67)
The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection PS3 9/27 Guardian ★★★★★ (91)
Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD PS3 9/27 GameSpot ★★★☆☆ (68)
Rochard PSN 9/27 IGN ★★★★☆ (81)
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland PS3 9/27 RPGFan ★★★★☆ (76)

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Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Thursday Sep 15, 2011.
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     Our partner site 360Voice is hosting a $10,000 Achievement Challenge for Gears of War 3.  Join an existing Brotherhood or create your own and compete to win by unlocking achievements and recruiting fellow players. Silver and Gold Xbox Live accounts welcome.  Plenty of contest game mechanics and politics are in store for everyone—casual and hardcore players alike.  Check it out, COG!

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3 Part Skyrim demo Released on Elder Scrolls...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Monday Sep 12, 2011.
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     Just recently a 3 part Demo video was posted on the Elder Scrolls Facebook page, featuring the Demo footage of Skyrim that was originally shown at E3 and then later Pax. The video shows some of the best that Skyrim has to offer like it's lush and beautifully detailed landscapes, it's new improved UI that allows you to view and manipulate items in 3D, it's ancient Norse inspired architecture, as well as it's numerous individually hand crafted dungeons.

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Bronze Dragonborn Statues for Skyrim...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Friday Sep 9, 2011.
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     Images of a large warehouse housing an army of bronzed Dragonborn statues was posted on Skyrim's official facebook page. These statues are around a live sized 7ft tall and put the 12" Collectors edition dragon statue to shame, why couldn't these works of art be shoved into a collectors edition box? The statues have a bronze finish and look to be quite detailed and even though hardcore fans are going to be spamming "ZOMG WHER CAN I GETZ 1  !1!!!??" they will unfortunately only available to retailers selling the game.


Skyrim Facebook Page


Christian G+ Spring……. I want one…

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Sony Personal HD Viewer

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Thursday Sep 1, 2011.
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Image from (


A few months ago at CES 2011 Sony demoed a Personal HD/3DTV, all bundled up into the form factor of a head mounted system. During its first demo the device was just prototyped without plans of sale however, Sony has announced that the device will now be released at a later time in 2011 with the title of the Sony Personal 3D Viewer or HMZ-T1.

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ZOMG!!! Minecraft 1.8 Updates!!

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011.
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     Notch keeps tossing out more and more news about Minecraft and the new features that will be implemented. As a huge fan of this revolutionary indie game I am thoroughly pleased to share with you the announcements from PAX in this list written by () of the Minecraft forums!

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The New Female Shepard

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Tuesday Aug 30, 2011.
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     Not long ago Bioware started a facebook contest to see which of the 6 lovely candidates would make it as the new default female Shepard. in the fist round the blonde adaptation of Shepard won by a considerable amount of votes, but in this reveal VIDEO hosted by Jennifer Hale (FemSheps voice actress) round two the redheaded Shepard won with a landslide victory, trumping all of the other contenders.


     This Shepard will be featured on the cover of the collectors edition box art as well as be included as the new default character model in Mass Effect 3. I'm glad to see fans share my opinion that this new Shepard is undoubtedly badass and thanks to their votes, I know who I am going to be playing as in Mass Effect 3.

-Christian "G+" Spring

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Diablo III: Real Currency Auction House, &...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Monday Aug 1, 2011.
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     Information on the Diablo III auction house has been released and boy does it look awesome. With the auction house Blizzard intends to link all players together over and allow them to trade, buy, and sell loot to players in their region. Blizzard wants the market to be regulated by the players, so at first prices may be in accurate and high but over time it should level, much like in auction house of World of Warcraft.


     The will still be a gold based auction house to choose from but no real currency will be used in it, it is comparable to the WoW action house's buying and selling method of in-game currency. With the real money auction house you will be able to use the money as credit toward buying blizzard products or you may send you money through a third party and get it converted into real money for you bank account, however with this option a nominal fixed transaction fee will be deducted from the seller for each item listed in the auction house. Specific details for the fee will be announced in the future. In order to keep the market fair and fun there will be guidelines set to keep players from spamming worthless items no one would want and the will also be a strong lack of "soulbound" items, which prevent the trade and sell of items. Some items from quests and special situations will be soulbound to the player, but in most cases a player can buy, wear, then resell these items.


     Coming from someone who's favorite feature of WoW was the auction house, this addition to Diablo III sounds like a great idea and who knows, maybe Diablo III will end up paying for itself.


Christian "G+" Spring


Blizzard Entertainment