Not just for kids!

Posted by R52 on Thursday Sep 29, 2011.
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This blog post is dedicated to all DS gamers over age 12.


On my way home the other day I was taking some heat for my gaming choices. I will come out and say it right now. I am a DS gamer.  There, I feel better saying it. I enjoy handheld classics like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and other quality DS games. But just because there are a few kid games for the DS does not make it solely a kids' game system! With this marvelous piece of Black, Blue, White or Pink hardware, I can do so many things.  If I want a good sci fi game series, Shin Megami Tensai is a blast.  If I want a good role playing game, Pokemon is there.  And before you laugh, check out the customization of move-sets and the full-featured multiplayer capabilities on the DS for the latest entries in the Pokemon series.  Sometimes, I want a more violent game. In those cases, I whip out GTA Chinatown wars – a great example of the franchise. And if I want to go old school, Zelda's Spirit Tracks is my first choice.

Picture of Black DS


So now, DS gamers, I say we rise up and put down this stereotype of DS's being kids-only systems, now and forever!  DS gamers unite!!

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