There is no such thing as a Kill Steal

Posted by Teemo, Site Engineer on Tuesday May 24, 2011.
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I play a lot of League of Legends and If you haven’t played it, let me give you a small introduction. League of Legends is a PVP game that matches 5 people on one team against 5 people on the other team. It’s designed by the makers of DOTA Allstars, and is similar in many characteristics.
The goal is to destroy turrets and make it into the enemy’s base to destroy their Nexus. During the course of the game, you get to kill real players in the game. Read More…

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PlayStation Network Trophy tracking on...

Posted by archiveDNA on Wednesday Sep 16, 2009.
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GamerDNA supports the PlayStation Network in some interesting ways…with some obvious and others not so obvious.  This blog article will give you all the details on gamerDNA’s support of PSN and how you can set it up on your profile in a few quick steps!

Of course to enjoy all this nifty PSN tracking you have to have a gamerDNA account.  Are you on GamerDNA?  Make sure you sign up today, it’s super easy!

Read More…

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How To: Automatically track Xbox Live,...

Posted by archiveDNA on Thursday Sep 10, 2009.
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Revised: 9/10/09

Following up our post: “How To: GamerDNA on Twitter and Facebook“, we would like to give a run down on how you can use GamerDNA to automatically keep track of all your gaming on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and Xfire.  Not only that, but once you enter in all your information from your gaming networks, you can automatically have your gaming updates sent out to Twitter and Facebook!  It really is a beautiful thing.

Are you on GamerDNA?  Make sure you sign up today, it’s super easy!

The process of plugging in your gaming accounts to GamerDNA is quite simple and can be done with just a handful of clicks of the mouse.  Here’s the walkthrough:

1. Head on over to Manage your GamerDNA

In the top navigation for GamerDNA we have some quick profile options in the far right hand side.  There you will see your Home, Profile, and Manage icons.  If you mouse-over the Manage icon you get a variety of quick options, or you can just click on the Manage icon to go to your GamerDNA management page.


2. Add your AKA’s!

The GamerDNA Management page is basically the hub of your gamerDNA…this is the place that you can go to edit everything about your GamerDNA profile and experience.  Every setting that you would need to change or addition that you would want to make to your profile, can all be made from this page.

At GamerDNA we call the names that you have on your gaming networks your “AKAs”, or your Also Known As names.  To add them to your profile, scroll down to the “Your Settings and Preferences” section of the page,  and click on the “Gaming Network Preferences” link.


Now all you have to do is add your gaming names from the different networks that you game on.  GamerDNA currently integrates automatically with Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and Xfire – so once you add those names, we can automatically update your profile and let all your friends know what you’re playing.  To complete the process of adding a name to your gamerDNA, make sure you click the “Activate” button for the appropriate network that you’re trying to connect to your gamerDNA.


After you’ve added your Xbox Live, PlayStation, Steam, and/or Xfire names – Give GamerDNA a day or two to start picking up all your information and run it through our system.  After that 24-48 hours setup time, we start pulling your gaming information every day and update your profile. This means you can let all your friends know what games you’re playing, what achievements you got, and what days you played – without even updating your profile!

With PlayStation Network we currently only support the display of PSN Trophies, and based on that information we can see what games you have played.  This means gamerDNA can only know that you played a game if you attained a trophy within it.  For more information on this topic, please see our FAQ.

You can add other network names to your profile so that other gamers can see them, and we even have privacy settings so that you can make sure you’re comfortable with who does or doesn’t see your gamer names.  To change what Network IDs (AKAs) show up on your profile on the Bio page, go to the AKA section of “Manage Your GamerDNA”.

When you’re all setup, make sure you head on over and Edit your Broadcast Settings so that all your friends can see what games you are playing these days.  GamerDNA is the best way to automatically update Facebook and Twitter with all your latest Xbox Live, PlayStation Networ, Steam, and Xfire gaming!

If you have any questions on how anything works, please let us know on our Get Satisfaction page.  We’re here to help!

Have fun!

Sam “QforQ” Houston

GamerDNA Community Manager

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How To: GamerDNA on Twitter and Facebook

Posted by archiveDNA on Friday Jun 12, 2009.
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With the recent announcement of Tweet My Gaming, it’s time to create a bit of a How-To on integrating your GamerDNA with Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, or Tumblr.  With GamerDNA, you can easily update your status on all of these social networks that you’re already on, showing all your friends the games that you have played or your latest activity on GamerDNA.

To start off, you will have to be a member of GamerDNA, so if you haven’t done that already, head on over and register right now!

After you’ve registered and setup your GamerDNA account, make sure you head on over and add all your network ID’s to your gamerDNA. GamerDNA can automatically broadcast your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and Xfire gaming, so all you have to do is add your username on those networks to your GamerDNA.  For the platforms that we don’t tie in to, like Nintendo Wii, you can manually add activities to your GamerDNA and have those broadcast as well.

To setup your Facebook and Twitter account (or other networks), head on over to your Broadcast Settings in your Manage your GamerDNA section of GamerDNA.  Here you can configure all your settings so that you can broadcast your gaming activity to your friends.


Setting up Facebook is quick and easy, since GamerDNA has implemented Facebook Connect to quickly connect GamerDNA to Facebook.  After a few clicks and a couple settings toggled, you should be good to go!

Here is an example of what your Facebook updates will look like:


Setting up Twitter is also quick and easy.  With GamerDNA you can automatically Tweet your Gaming!

Here is what a GamerDNA Tweet will look like:

If you’re a user of Tumblr and FriendFeed, we work with those networks as well.  Head on over to your Broadcast Settings section and you’ll be all set!

That’s about it!  If you have any questions on how to setup your Social Network accounts with GamerDNA, please let us know by contacting support.

Have fun!

Sam “QforQ‘ Houston

GamerDNA Community Manager

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How to start a conversation on gamerDNA

Posted by archiveDNA on Friday Apr 24, 2009.
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At gamerDNA we’re quite simply trying to build a community for gamers.  A place for gamers to easily share what they’re playing with their friends, share cool screenshots, a place to join in and find interesting conversations about games, and even a place to discover new games that you’ve never heard of before.  To reflect this desire to bring you better and better content, we’ve made some changes to the site recently (and more are coming in the near future) to help make all these things easier to do and make them happen more often.

In this article I’d like to focus on how you can use gamerDNA as a platform to Start a Conversation about gaming.  There are many ways to do it, both manually and automatic, and we will detail them here.

1.  Creating a Game Post or Game Activity

The first page you see when you go when logged in is a page we call your Member Home.  Your  Member Home is a way to see what all your friends on gamerDNA are playing and what they are talking about, and easily jump in conversations with them.

Here you see what my friends have played recently and the Game Posts that they’ve made, as well as a way that I can add a Game Post or Game Activity myself.

With the "Your Games" drop down (or the Other button), you can easily add a game activity to your gamerDNA.  This enables you to quickly tell everyone at gamerDNA what game you played, when you played it, how the game made you feel, as well as tell everyone what you did in the game via the text box.

Game Activity posts are also automatically created when you add your Xbox Live, Xfire, or Steam information to your profile.  Please go here to add that information to your profile.

If you would like to create a Game Post, which is similar to a blog post and enables you to write at length about any game, you can click the "Create a Post" button.

This will open up the Game Post screen here:

Here you can put in the title of your post, then all the text of your post.  In the post you can share links with your friends, news, write about what you did last night in a game, ask questions of your friends, etc…it’s all up to you!  Below that, you can attach the post to a Game or many Games so that your post shows up on various game pages on gamerDNA, as well as shows your friends what games you’re talking about.  And finally, you can tell everyone how the game made you feel and then nudge all your friends to check out what you posted.

We have also updated the site navigation to make it easy to add a Gameplay event or Game Post at any time on the site.  All you have to do is mouse-over the DNA symbol in the top right corner of your screen and you will see several options drop down (Shown Above).


2.  Nudge all your friends!

Whenever you create any content on gamerDNA, whether it be a game activity/game post or a screenshot..or even when you see someone’s stuff and you think it’s cool…you can always "nudge" your friends to make sure they check it out!

The nudge system allows you to quickly send out emails to all your friends that will tell them to check out what you’re looking at.  This is a great way to get everyone to check out what you just made, or invite everyone over to check out something cool that you found from another community member!


3.  Comment on other community member’s stuff!

Almost everything on gamerDNA is able to be commented on and we actively encourage you to do so!  If you found something cool that a friend did, or maybe you want to chime in on someone’s tale of their epic gaming session last should do it!

All of the comments that are made on things always notify the author of the content via email notification, as well as anyone else who has commented before you.  This is a great way to keep up on the conversations that you have joined at gamerDNA.

Everything that is shown on your Member Home can be commented on right from the page, all you have to do is click on the Comment button.  This opens up a little box where you can type in whatever you want to say, then just click ADD COMMENT to send the comment.

When you’re looking at your member home you will also be able to see some comments from others on your friend’s activities.  This is a great way to keep up on conversations that are happening on the site.

You can also comment on the individual pages for each post/image, as well as see the entire conversation.  Here is a great example of a conversation that is being had in our community around a Game Post.


4.  Find conversations!

gamerDNA is a very active community and people are talking about things all the time, all you have to do is find a conversation to jump in to!  You can do this by going to your Member Homepage, going to your friends’ profiles and checking out their activities on their Game Calendar, or by going to a Game Page (you can view our Game Directory here)


We’ll be adding more and more features to gamerDNA over the coming months, all things that we think will help you keep up with what your friends and the community is doing, and have conversations with other gamers.  Everyone on the gamerDNA Staff is very excited to see how our community jumps in and uses these new features and systems!

We also have a blog post up here, by our Creative Director Sean Duhame which helps explain our new site navigation and even gives you a sneak peek at a new page called the NOW page..a new feature which should help you find even more cool things happening on the site, in real-time!


Sam Houston

gamerDNA Community Manager

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gamerDNA Fallout 3 contest

Posted by archiveDNA on Thursday Oct 30, 2008.
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This week brings the long awaited launch of Fallout 3 and gamerDNA would like to celebrate this fantastic game with a contest for some game swag.  The Grand Prize winner will win:

1- Large Fallout 3 T-Shirt
1- Fallout 3 Survival Guide  (only available at PAX!)
3- Vault Boy Stickers  

To participate in this contest, all you need to do is add Fallout 3 to your profile, upload Fallout 3 screenshots, enter a Fallout 3 experience entry,or play Fallout 3 via Xfire, Steam or Xbox Live. 

To participate in this contest, all you need to do is:

  1. Register for a gamerDNA account
  2. Play Fallout 3 while signed in to Xbox Live, Steam or Xfire between October 31st 12:00am PST and November 7th 11:59pm PST. It doesn’t matter how long you play, just play at least one time to be entered.
  3. Anyone who is already a gamerDNA member who plays Fallout 3 during that time period is automatically entered.
  4. Upload Fallout 3 screenshots, add Fallout 3 to your profile, or enter a Fallout 3 experience entry
  5. You must be at least 18 years old and live in the United States.
  6. Contest winner will be chosen at random and notified via gamerDNA private message.

Do all this between October 31st 12:00am PST and November 7th 11:59pm PST and you could be a winner! 

Good Luck!

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Free Warhammer Online Guild Hosting (WAR is...

Posted by archiveDNA on Thursday Sep 11, 2008.
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Warhammer Online is launching in mere days now and the drums of WAR are beating quite loud as Order prepares to battle Destruction.  gamerDNA would like to give you one last weapon before you head out in to the Empire by announcing our Free Warhammer Online Guild Hosting.  By signing up and creating a guild at gamerDNA you now have access to six free Warhammer Online guild themes, 3 themes for Order and 3 themes for Destruction

Creating a guild at gamerDNA gives you access to a full featured free guild host with 150,000 members and thousands of gamers looking for guilds to join right now.  On top of all that, creating a guild on gamerDNA takes less than a minute!

Click Here to create a FREE Warhammer Online Guild Website


Destruction Guild Themes:

Free Destruction Warhammer Online Guild Theme  Free Destruction Warhammer Online Guild Theme  Free Destruction Warhammer Online Guild Theme

Order Guild Themes:

Free Order Warhammer Online Guild Theme  Free Order Warhammer Online Guild Theme  Free Order Warhammer Online Guild Theme

gamerDNA free guild hosting includes the follow features: Recruiting System, Roster Management, Event System, Custom Themes, Private Forums, Custom Sub-Domain, Guild Event System, a Member Submitted News section and personal gamerDNA profiles for all guild members.

All of these fantastic guild themes are available to everyone who signs up for our Free Guild Hosting.  Sign up today and get your guild ready for WAR!


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Creating a Family

Posted by archiveDNA on Friday Dec 14, 2007.
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Some guilds are formed to kick ass. Others are formed more to provide a chat channel for like-minded people. And some guilds are simply real life friendships brought online, a continuation of existing relationships. All of these guilds can (and do) lead to lasting relationships, bonded by common interests and experiences. But it seems like the guilds that got their start in real life lead to the deepest friendships even for members who joined up long after the original group of friends.

Yes, even the people who meet the real-life friends online tend to bond just as deeply as the original group. The experiences people have in such a guild become things they talk about years later, and often change their very lives. This is not an exaggeration. In my years of doing online community work, I’ve seen marriages and children result from online friendships. But I’ve also seen people pulled back from the edges of suicide, poverty, alcoholism, and more. Dozens of people have told me that their guild was their salvation during a dark night of the soul.
Can you make your guild into something so meaningful? No. Can you create an environment that allow relationships to thrive? Absolutely.

The first step you can take as an officer is the easiest — say hello to members as they log in. It’s that simple. Dissatisfied guild members, regardless of game or guild style, are often the newest ones who feel lost in the crowd, or even of less importance than established guild members. It’s not "Dozens of people have told me that their guild was their salvation during a dark night of the soul." that they expect to know all the in-jokes, or to be as beloved as the founder who knows everyone. But they do want to feel like they’ve joined something in which they are no longer an anonymous player who has no impact on other people. Nothing is lonelier than being alone in a room, logging into a bustling chat channel, and going completely unacknowledged. So set the tone for your guild by making a point of greeting everyone who logs in to play. You may be the only one at first, but eventually your members will follow your lead.

The second step is to encourage out of game interaction. Players of today’s faster-paced MMOs don’t sit around chatting with each other for six hours waiting for their turn at a zone, and they almost never sit around while their characters are ghosts or corpses. This improvement in general design has lessened the feeling of community for guilds that are continuously in action. Relationships form over shared experiences, but they are cemented by conversations about other aspects of life besides the game.

Start threads on your own message board, set up an IRC channel for your members during the day, and organize annual, even monthly gatherings for people to meet and deepen their friendships. If your guild is scattered across multiple time zones and national boundaries, consider appointing regional officers to coordinate these activities. And consider webcams at live events, so even the most distant member can say he was there the night of the Epic Guitar Hero Showdown. Above all, host a photo and screenshot gallery – these images are the history of your guild, and they serve to make your virtual friendships tangible.

Finally, take a page from development professionals, and track personal information using a contact database, or even a simple spreadsheet. Development is business lingo for fundraising in the non-profit sector. Big money donors (and small money donors with the potential to become bigger) are studied more carefully than the reproductive organs of endangered pandas. A typical contact information sheet for a big donor has their name, nickname, spouse/partners name, pets name, birthday, participation history, political leanings, preferred seating at fundraising events, and favorite color. Thats a TYPICAL sheet. Ive seen many that were far more involved. All of this effort allows the development director to send birthday cards, to inquire after the health of loved ones, and make pleasant conversation easily.

Does this sound terribly impersonal, and completely contrary to the spirit of creating a virtual family? It wont feel that way to the new member who is celebrated on his birthday, and it could make a huge difference in the day of someone feeling down on a difficult anniversary. You’re only one person, and your family is enormous. Use technology to help you keep track of everything.

Got any other ideas? What works best for you in terms of creating community? Post in the comment thread!

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