3 Part Skyrim demo Released on Elder Scrolls...

Posted by Christian "Wolfkill-Shepard" Spring on Monday Sep 12, 2011.
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     Just recently a 3 part Demo video was posted on the Elder Scrolls Facebook page, featuring the Demo footage of Skyrim that was originally shown at E3 and then later Pax. The video shows some of the best that Skyrim has to offer like it's lush and beautifully detailed landscapes, it's new improved UI that allows you to view and manipulate items in 3D, it's ancient Norse inspired architecture, as well as it's numerous individually hand crafted dungeons.

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Ghosts Try to Run Down PacMan in His Car

Posted by Teemo, Site Engineer on Sunday Jul 3, 2011.
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Providing more proof that video games really do incite violence in real life, we present this video from NotWorkingFilms proving that ghosts from the game PacMan found their way into real life to kill him. Yellow Pie Shaped people be warned: The ghosts are loose. [Vimeo]

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